Who We Are Glam

Who We Are

Let’s take it back to 2011! I know, so long ago, right? Onsite Services became a “thing.” So, we rolled up our sleeves and took it to the road.

Serving the Greater Philadelphia Area and beyond, our onsite makeup and hairstyling services allow our clients the luxury of services brought to them.

This allows our clients to have the freshest makeup application possible and also allows our clients the opportunity to make improvements or changes right at the event, ensuring the right look for any situation that may arise.

Our makeup projects range anywhere from intimate personal & projects (weddings, family portraits,) to professional & corporate projects (models, actors, musicians).

No matter the size or type of project, we approach each and every client with the same level of care and dedication, ensuring that our clients are satisfied with their Glam on Demand experience.

Meet the Team


Makeup Artist and Lashes/Skin Specialist


Makeup Artist and Lashes/Skin Specialist


Makeup Artist and Lashes/Skin Specialist


Makeup Artist and Lashes/Skin Specialist


Makeup Artist and Lashes/Skin Specialist and Reiki Practitioner


Lashes and Skin Specialist

Glam with us!

No matter if you want soft and natural Glam, Just a tad bit Glam, or too Glam to give a damn, we have the Glam for you!

Let’s glam up your next special event, photo shoot, or other needs! 

If you don’t see the date and time you need feel free to email us just in case!